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As the world dealt with the perils and uncertainties of the Covid-19 pandemic, we found many people starting to take a keen interest in baking. These range from home bakers selling home baked goods, to people just taking it up as a new interest. One common challenge we understood was the lack of an actual instructor teaching and giving guidance for these enthusiast and most people do lack the proper equipment at home to create a desired, finished baking product.

Baker’s Gym was conceived with the notion that everyone deserves a chance to learn to bake and have a proper place to do so. As the name suggests, just like an avid fitness person heading to the gym for training, Baker’s Gym offers baking classes to pick up new baking skills, get better at it and hone it till it meets each individual baker’s expectations of themselves. 


As your parter of choice in baking, Baker’s Gym provide you with hands-on training with experienced instructors at our studio. Feel at home, be free to explore and learn with our instructors.

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